What is Make Something?

In the creative industries, our collaborative partnerships exist most of the time within the confines of a chosen discipline. They are almost exclusively in response to a specific brief or requirement and for the majority, intended for commercial gain.

Rarely does work afford us the opportunity to collaborate outside of those commercial parameters for the pure pleasure of cross-disciplinary indulgence.

MAKE SOMETHING creates a forum to publicly celebrate working with the people you’ve creatively admired from afar by asking a selection of Graphic Designers: given absolute free reign, who would you choose to work with and what would the results of this mash-up be?


  • Kyra Clarke

    Graphic Designer

    Kyra Clarke is the Founder and Design Director of a Threaded – a studio of three arms’ with a focus on client-based projects, from print, web and digital, branding and identity, packaging and marketing campaigns to their international, award-winning design publication, Threaded Magazine and newly released Threaded Apparel.

    Based in New Zealand with an outpost in the USA and clients all over the world, collaboration is the key ingredient in her everyday design process.

    Amy Clarke

    Fashion Designer

    Amy is a fashion designer, photographer and textile lover living and working in Auckland. She has been a self-employed designer for 9 years and is currently running her own label Mylarke.

    Previously Amy has worked under the fashion label Victoria n Bird and also collaboratively set-up the brand Rust and Stardust, creating homewares and teaching workshops.

    Avidly interested in conscious fashion and a down-to-earth hands-on approach to design, has her spending her days designing, pattern-making, locally sourcing fabric, screen printing, dyeing, cutting and constructing garments all herself.

    She consequently drinks way too much coffee, spends too much time “researching” on Pinterest and has possibly become a shocking team-player. This should be fun then!

  • Sarah Melrose

    Design Director

    A creative career begun in London and honed in Auckland, with more than 20 years experience working with both established international names and local companies on a mission for good. Inspired to re-define brands with an approach that’s intelligent, idea driven and socially relevant.

    Sarah’s creativity combines an astute eye for styling, strong conceptual thinking and elegant sense of intuition. She strongly believes in ethical design, and a sustainable approach. The results are typically timeless, beautiful, and recognised as award winning. Her passion for food is another way to push creative boundaries, exploring what happens when design, ethics and cuisine collide.

    Sarah is a designer at Milk in Auckland.

    Michael Meredith


    One of New Zealand’s most creative chefs, owner of degustation style restaurant Merediths and fuelled by a passion for kids that has created the recently launched ‘Eat my lunch’ initiative, helping out kiwis in need.

    Michael was born in Samoa, and credits his upbringing for the philosophy that influences his work today; experimental, ethical and efficient. In his words ‘just doing what’s right’ is pushing the boundaries of culinary creativity, sourcing ingredients ethically and minimising waste, all at an elite level of quality. Never one to sit still, he’s driven, passionate, energetic and restless. Excited to explore what happens when design, ethics and cuisine collide.

  • Jenny Miles

    Graphic Designer

    Hardhat is the graphic design studio of New Zealander Nik Clifford and Brit Jenny Miles. They have been thoughtfully crafting websites, books, illustrations, packaging and brands for over 10 years, splitting their time between their three homes - Auckland, London & Brooklyn.

    Hardhat collaborate with clients who provide quality craftsmanship, bespoke services, forward-thinking and outside-the-box creativity, and a sense of humour. Collaborators include furniture & fashion designers, fine artists, architects & interior designers, boutique hotels & restaurants, independent artisanal food & beverage producers, organic beauty brands and book publishers.

    Nik & Jen are also focussing their attention in 2015 on creative collaborations outside their primary practice; working alongside other creatives and craftsmen to create products and/or experiences whether it’s homewares, small batch liquors, pop-up events, or more conceptual work. Current projects include a stationery line with interiors design studio Ladies & Gentlemen, and this project for Make Something with NZ/US based Thing Industries.

    Hardhat has grown into an award winning studio, with work published widely worldwide. Nik & Jen both also write about design, in particular most recently about slow design, community building, sustainability, and how their own practice can fit within these principles.

    Thing Industries

    Product Designers

    Thing Industries, established very recently by Bridie Picot and Matt Smith, is an online store that designs and produces useful things.

    It began as a means for Bridie to finally get her hands on the Sacrificial Chair that Matt had sampled but never produced, and has grown to an award winning company with a decent-sized collection and more things in the pipeline.

    Its founders are both from New Zealand but one of them lives in New York. The other one wishes he lived in New York. They communicate on email with a massive time delay.

    They also produce things with other people, usually stuff that Bridie and Matt aren’t able to figure out themselves. Things that involve pottery, plantology, and complicated welding techniques.

  • Clem Devine

    Graphic Designer

    As Creative Director at Richards Partners, Clem leads a team of curious design thinkers and doers to arrive at beautifully thought out projects that make sense. Along with Sam Trustrum and Zoe Ikin, Clem edits Studio Magazine, the international magazine about making places.

    Jodie Salmond


  • Sam Trustrum


    Sam has steered projects that have been recognised internationally including awards from Graphis; SEGD (The Society for Experiential Graphic Design, US); Type Directors Club, AGDA (Australian Graphic Design Association) awards; and the Purple/Stringer award for Best in Graphics at BEST awards.

    Sam is the Design Director of Saatchi & Saatchi Design Worldwide.

    Steve Rasmussen

    Racing Driver

  • Toby Curnow

    Graphic Designer

    Toby is Design Director of Inhouse. He completed a Bachelor of Fine Arts at Elam School of Fine Art in 1994 and co-founded Alt Group in 1997 where he was Design Director until joining Inhouse in 2012.

    Sam Haughton

    Product Designer

    Sam is a product designer specialising in commercial and residential furniture. He opened his first workshop in 1992, designing and manufacturing one-off commissions. Over time he developed a standard product range, and in 2004 established IMO with his wife Hannah.